No Pictures Please



Since we have been talking about bodies and body images…I thought I would share a story about how are bodies can fool us or make fools out of us. One of the embarrassing things that can happen to a new mom, happened to me. Today.

I was at the gym and I dropped off Peanut at the kid care center. I always breastfeed him before I workout. So once I was finished I pulled down my top and rushed off to my class.

You know those classes are held in rooms surrounded by mirrors. They are everywhere; you can’t help but to look at yourself. So I am starting to sweat and I find one of my many reflections in the mirror and notice the sweat on my shirt. Yes, the sweat. It was only on one side of my top. I thought to myself that’s weird and then…

Oh my, yes. I mean no. No, no, no…this is not happening. Oh gosh get me out of here. I probably said a few worse things in my mind. Do you think anyone else notices? It is totally normal to sweat on just one side of your body, right?

These are the thoughts running through my head as I realize that when I pulled down my top, I did not grab my sports bra correctly and it has been squishing my boob. So no, I have not been sweating on one side of my body…I have been squishing my breast. Yes, not only do I look weird, but I have breast milk all down my shirt because of the added pressure of the sports bra.

Now ladies, this is not my first time at the rodeo. This is my third child to breastfeed. I know (thought I knew) what I was doing. After the first month or so, I don’t leak. This has never happened before. But here I am bouncing up and down while a male trainer (and yes, he is cute) is yelling at me to push harder, go faster and breast milk is pouring down my shirt. LITERALLY.

And what did I do? After I died inside of embarrassment. I tried to fix my shirt without drawing too much attention. A bit hard to do with all those darn mirrors. Too embarrassed to leave, because people would have asked what was wrong. I finished my workout, trying to work up the biggest sweat and hoping no one was looking at me in all those mirrors! After class I threw on my sweatshirt and got the heck out of there.

Hope you had a good laugh!


P.S.: What’s your most embarrassing mommy moment?

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