6 Kids Under 5

Dear Natalie,

So, did you check the box? Will you officially be a stay-at-home mom? Whatever you have decided, know that it is a permanent title. We can always change are minds, even if it is daunting decision to make. Whatever the choice, it doesn’t have to be a forever-choice.

The holidays are behind us and we are stuck in full-on winter (thanks Punxsutawney Phil). I find January and February to be the hardest time of the year. The weather is too cold to get outside, germs are running wild in schools and summer is just too far away!

So big news! I feel like I passed my first stay at home mom test. I supervised 6 children under 5 for 2 hours. Everyone survived. No tears, besides the baby, no broken bones and no major arguments. I feel like I was in the Olympics and won the gold metal. Can you hear the crowd going wild?

Granted, it was no day at the office. I remember those racing from one meeting to the next, with heels on. Grabbing coffee and maybe lunch while strategizing over the latest numbers. Oh sorry, I got lost in a day dream for a minute. That stressful life is behind me and I am in my fourth official month as a stay-at-home mom. Scary.

Anyway, back to my new reality. I scheduled a playdate for my oldest today, who is now 5 and in Kindergarten. He asked to have a girl over and this girl has a twin brother. I am not clear on play date etiquette yet, but I think you have to invite both, right? Anyway, I did. Then a friend who is a work-from-home-mom (yes, there are a lot of those too – we’ll save that for another letter), got the stomach flu, so I picked up her son as well.

On the way home, I am thinking I am crazy. But surprising even me, I learn I am a genius! I usher the four kindergarteners and my 3 year old down to the basement and shut the baby gate. They were trapped down there with all the toys (and a bathroom, I’m not cruel). They were loud, there were a few minor disagreements, but all in all they worked it out. I was amazed. They popped up at the top of the gate asking for some snacks and I obliged. But back down they went.

The two hours was over before I knew it and I was actually thinking I could have said that they could all stay for dinner. I didn’t though, I’m not crazy…yet.

Miss you,

PS: What made you feel like you won the Mommy Olympics?

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