Hell is Cold and Snowy


So glad to hear T is better. Although I have had sick kids, even two or three at a time (nightmare!!!), I do not have a chronically ill child. I can only imagine that it presents a whole new set of worries and challenges–not to mention the scary factor! I’m so thankful that my family is healthy and happy (for the most part). Just last night, my little man asked to be tucked in like a bug and I thought to myself, he won’t ask me to do this very many times!

Last week, I woke up and was slapped in the face by old man winter. He just doesn’t give up. I guess I had been living in the Super Bowl bubble. I had heard the weather a million times this week because the Super Bowl was being held right here in New Jersey; but, I only heard Sunday’s forecast. I failed to pay attention (or perhaps I can blame this on the weatherman’s lack of reporting) to Monday’s forecast. Anyway, I was totally unprepared to get woken up by the “School is Closed” phone call at 5 a.m. I hung up on that automated message like it was a boyfriend trying to break up with me.

I turned over and my daughter was staring me in the face. I told her to go back to sleep and the baby started crying. I’m not going to lie, I did too. A little. Only on the inside. My husband was quickly getting ready to leave for work and my spirits sunk even lower. What was I going to do stuck in side all day with my three kids?

A stay-at-home mom’s hell is cold and snowy.

I started to daydream of going back to work. Thinking of how nice a hot shower would feel and followed by dressing in a suit or a even just shirt with buttons. Instead, I pulled on my yoga pants (which were lying in a pile of clothes–probably dirty–don’t judge me). I thought of how nice it would be to drop my kids off at daycare and grab a Chai Tea Latte before heading to work even if it was snowing outside! But I didn’t have that luxury.

I shook off the funk, forgot about the shower and started to form a plan. We were going to have a PJ day and we needed activities! We got out the play dough, colored, painted, made a race track on the carpet with masking tape, and had picnic lunch under the dining room table (yes, under the table). The little kids took a nap and the little man played a game on the iPad (hey, I’m not perfect). I survived the snow day (barely).

I know some days will be harder than others. I know I will continue to daydream about work and interacting with adults. I also know I will get back to loving my new job of stay-at-home mom (most of the time).


PS: When you have a hard day as a SAHM (this was an acronym I had to learn!), what do you daydream about?

2 thoughts on “Hell is Cold and Snowy

  1. Natalie says:

    Courtney, you all have had the worst weather. Everytime I see another storm is getting ready to hit the East Coast I cry a little for you! Your weather has been pretty relentless! I’m not going to lie; I’d be crying daily! Keep up the good work– summer is coming!

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