Body Image


I couldn’t help to connect to your story Baby Body, Baby Fat. Although I was not on bed rest during any of my pregnancies (I can’t imagine how hard that was), I too struggled after having each of my children.

Honestly, I have struggled with my body image and weight for most of my life. Well, since the seventh grade when a girl who I thought was my friend called me fat for the first time. The thing is…I wasn’t fat. I was just shaped differently than most of the girls my age. However, it changed the way I thought about myself…the way I pictured myself. 

For a few periods of my life I have been fat, not just fat in my mind. I don’t want to be that person anymore. I want to be healthy and strong for my children. I want to enjoy a long life with them. More importantly, I want them to be strong people with decent eating habits who know the importance of physical activity. I don’t want my sons or my daughter to have the same poor self image that I had growing up.

I haven’t really gotten rid of that word fat in my mind. Even though I am not longer fat, I see that  ‘fat’ girl in the mirror often. Now, I am trying retrain my brain and see a woman who is strong. A strong mother. A strong friend. A physically strong person.

In order to retrain my brain, I have to change my language. I avoid words like fat, skinny, weight loss and diet. I focus on words like healthy, protein, fruits and veggies. I don’t say things like “these yoga pants make me look fat.” Yes, I pretty much wear yoga pants these days! I don’t say “I’m on a diet.” Instead I say, “I need to exercise” or “I need to eat healthier.”

It is a struggle, a daily one…sometimes an hourly one.

As women, as mothers, we should love our bodies more. We should love them for what they allowed us to do, to create. We should celebrate them, even if we don’t always like every detail. They allowed us to bring to life the most amazing people.

I want to hear more about your plan. I want to share more about mine. I think this is such an important topic — for us, for our own self images and for our children.

Tell me more…

PS: We should throw these out…


4 thoughts on “Body Image

  1. Cheryl Caves says:

    Great post! Every bite should be a body builder, as hard working bodies raising children we need fuel. Then as we get older we still need healthy fuel. As a 53 year old woman retiring from a very active life in the Army, I can testify to that fact. I know that fast protein bars and shakes are not the answer, eat real food!! You can do it. Get to know your produce aisle and organic meat is well worth the money. learn to love turkey as a substitute for ground beef. Love your body by feeding it well, it will treat you well in return.

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