Today I Miss Work


today I MISS work


Today I miss work. Desperately.

My Little Man was up last night with an ear ache, so I knew I was in for a ‘sick’ day. Don’t you miss those? You remember, when you actually felt sick and could stay home from work and rest yourself. Yea, well today, wasn’t one of those sick days.

It used to be when one of the kids was sick, we would talk about whose day was busier, who could reschedule what, who could stay home with the sick child. Sometimes it came to rock, paper, scissors. No ones WANTS to be home with a sick child. Since I no longer work outside of the home, I am on sick duty. Every time. I get it and most of the time I don’t mind. But today was a hard day and I missed work (did I say that already?).

The house is a mess. If I was at work, the mess would be at daycare or school. As I wipe the smeared grossness that is on the table, I was thinking about how if I was at work…I would come home and my table would be clean. They would have eaten lunch and smeared grossness somewhere else.

I picked up the toys for the 100th time today (don’t accuse me of exaggeration…I would never do that). If I was a work, they would be making a mess somewhere else. I would come home and the house would be as I left it. Probably a few toys, but not the explosion that happens when you are home with the kids.

Someone wet the bed during nap time. So today I did laundry. Again. If I was a work, someone else would have cleaned the bedding. I may have come home with a bag of wet stuff, but I wouldn’t have stripped the bed. Laundry never ends. As soon as you put away the last load, someone is taking off something dirty to be washed. I don’t evny those women of the past who boiled clothes or washed on a wash board. Even though I have a fancy washer that makes my life so much easier, I hate the laundry. It never ends.

Although I stay at home now with my kids, I still miss work. I miss projects and research. I miss deadlines and creative thoughts. I miss using my work skills. I miss adult conversations and business lunches.

I still have a great life. I am enjoying this special time with my children. I love that I can be there for them after school. I love that they are able to participate in so many more activities because I am home. I love that we don’t spend our weekends running errands. I do appreciate this time.

But, today I missed work.


PS: Photo is complements of 3-year old Cricket…check out the food from baby in the backdrop…its dinner time!

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