Get Moving

Get Moving

I need to get moving!


As we shared numerous times, we both struggle a bit with Body Image. I am working hard at being nicer to myself. In addition, I am trying to step-up my workouts a bit. The harder I workout the better I feel when I am finished. I hope this translates into feeling better when I look in the mirror as well.

And, I registered for a Spartan Race. I’m scared sh*&less.

A Spartan Race is like a ‘mud-run’ on steroids. Not only to do you run 3 miles through rough terrain in the mud but you also have to go over 20 obstacles. And this is the ‘sprint’ version. There is also an Ultra Beast Marathon option — run 26.2 miles over rough terrain and complete 25+ obstacles. Seriously? People do that? For Fun?

I get these “inspirational” emails from them daily. Each email includes a daily workout and a recipe for something healthy. Easy enough, right?

Yea, right. Today’s email went something like this:

Warm-up: Run 3 miles
15 Jump Lunges
20 Burpees
25 Jump Squats
30 mountain climbers
35′ Bear Crawl (2X)
40 second plank
Cool Down: Run 3 miles

What? All of that? At one time? No, you mean one item each day. Like I said, I’m scared.

So, needless to say…I am stepping up my workouts. Today I ran three miles–on a treadmill, no incline. Not exactly the same as running three miles, up-hill, on rocky terrain, while jumping over three foot hurtles. I’ll get there. Maybe. I am shaking just thinking about it.

I also did 20+ Burpees. Why are they named that? Reminds me of barf or maybe they just make me barf. I did walking lunges, squats, dips, planks and mountain climbers. Not sure what a Bear Crawl is, guess I have to look that one up! I did not run another 3 miles.

I’m not sure I will make it through all the obstacles. However, I will try.  I am confident that I will finish. I don’t like to give up and certainly not in front of other people. The race is in June. I will keep you posted.

How are your workouts going?


PS: Did I mention you have to jump over fire?


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