Farmer Children


My Children are Farmers.


After reading your post about your REI dividends, I was thinking about how children have changed my life. I realized that my children have completely altered my sense of a ‘day.’ Before I had children, I would sleep in until 9 a.m. (sometimes 10!). I would stay awake until 11 or, dare I say, midnight. Since having kids, I get more done before 9 a.m. than I did in an entire day before I had them.

I have farmer children. All three of them rise at dawn. Actually most days it is before dawn. We don’t own chickens, cows or pigs. We don’t have to get up early to plant this season’s crop. There is no logical reason. They are just early risers.

I blame my husband. My mom might disagree. She swears that I used to get up early. I think she lies (sorry, mom). My husband gets up early and enjoys it. Sucker. He doesn’t appreciate the value of sleeping in.’He can also survive on 5 hours or less of sleep. I can too — but I’m not a happy person then. We all want Mommy to be a happy person.

You are probably thinking that I am exaggerating. You probably are thinking, yea, my kids get up early too. Well, my kids are up at 5 a.m. Every. Day. Like clock work. I’m not saying I have it worse than you. You kids might get up at 5 too….and then I feel for you. Even if they get up at 6, I get it…it sucks. But if you are one of those people who has to wake their kids to go to school. I officially hate you.

We have tried everything. Earlier bedtimes. Later bedtimes. No naps. Extra nap time. Those clocks that tell you when you can get out of bed. Alcohol. KIDDING. But don’t think it wasn’t considered.

My kids don’t wake up and lay around sleepy in their jammies. They are UP. They are talking. Loud. They are not walking; they are running. They are full of energy and ready to go! I am not. I need 5 more minutes (hours, really). I need coffee.

Thankfully, my husband wants Mommy to be a happy person too. He gets up with the kids. Sometimes because I very subtlety and sweetly shove him from bed. But, 9 out of 10 times, he is up with them no problem ready to take on the day. I am grateful every day.

My children are farmers at heat, but we do get a lot done in the morning and we are the first ones to arrive at the museum or the zoo…so it does have an upside!

Thinking of you,



4 thoughts on “Farmer Children

  1. Matthew says:

    Hahaha! I am in the same boat. Morning for me=9-10am. Morning for our little one=5-6 am. Sometimes I can coax him back to sleep for a bit, but only if I’m lucky. At night, he wants mama. In the morning, papa is the go to guy. I get up with him , but on the 5 am wake up work until 10 pm days, I am pretty drained by the end of it. I am back on coffee throughout the day to get through. Still, on those days that morning time is all I get to spend with him, so I will boldly drink more coffee than anyone should to get that time in.

    If our stop at 3 kids comes to fruition, I realize that all the sleep I formerly enjoyed will become a very distant memory. Thanks to my wife for keeping the house running as smoothly as possible. I’ve been enjoying your posts a lot Courtney. Keep em coming.


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