Story of Cricket


The Only Time She Isn’t Talking


I probably haven’t told you much about my Cricket. We call her Cricket because she talks…and talks…all. the. time. It is like a constant running commentary on life or imaginary life. The only time she isn’t talking…she’s sleeping. She is our middle, our only girl (for now — and I just made my husband choke, if he reads this!). She is fiercely independent and stubborn…man, is she stubborn. She is also a hilarious. I cannot believe some of the things she comes up with to do or say, she just cracks me up. And she is smart, clever…not because she knows all her letters/numbers (she actually doesn’t), but because she knows how other people work and she can get anyone to work for her. She is the sweetest girl but can turn on you in a second. One minute she is all hugs and the next she is “not your friend.”

Cricket is three. When your child turns two people say, ‘oh, entering the terrible twos!’ With my first, I thought to myself that those people were crazy. Two is easy. My two year old is an angel. When he turned three all hell broke lose. It should be the terrible threes. No one warns you. They can do more, say more and have more of an opinion – about everything.

So Cricket is now three and in the height of the terrible threes. She does some things that make me crazy. Some that make me laugh. Some that do both.

A few short stories…

  • While coloring with markers in the kitchen, she thought it would be a good idea to color her baby brother’s hair — purple. It is her favorite color.
  • Her outfit choice on Saturday: PJ pants, Robin shirt (like Batman and Robin), complete with cape, and a lady bug printed sequin skirt. She was Princess Robin Ladybug! A super fast girl! I was her ‘side quick’…no, that is not a typo.
  • Trying to get out the door quickly for school, I said to Cricket. Put on your shoes or you will sit on the stairs (our timeout spot). She put her hands on her hips looked up at me and said, “I sit on stairs.” oh boy.
  • Once I told her ‘good job’ because she opened her mouth soooo big for a bite. Now she runs around with her mouth open wide and yelling, “I have a big mouth. I have a big mouth.”
  • Recently, Cricket said to me, “I have a baby in my belly.” I answered, “oh really.” Cricket, “yes, mommy, really. I have a really baby in my belly and it will come out soon.” I said, “oh boy, that is exciting.” Cricket, “no mommy, oh GIRL.” To myself…good point little one.
  • When her grandma was playing with her and grandma wouldn’t do exactly what she wanted, Cricket announced, “I’m done with you, Grandma!”

She is a silly, funny girl who makes me happy, even when she makes me crazy. I love when she asks me for snuggles. I hate when she tells me no. I am not sure how I am going to raise this girl…but I am going to give it my best. I’m sure she is going to give me her best too.

How about your little girl? Does she tug on your heart and make you pull your hair at the same time?

Let me know if you have any advice.


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