Run for Your Money

Run for Your Mommy

Run for Your Money


Cricket has been giving me a run for my money lately. I mentioned before that she is three…she sailed right through those ‘terrible twos’ and we have hit the horrible threes! Someone recently told me that they are called the terrible twos because they last for two years. I need help.

You know how people give you the advice to “pick your battles?” Well, I have tried to live by that. I don’t force her to eat things. I do encourage her to try foods. I don’t force her to wear certain clothes, but I do have to put my foot down about certain shoe apparel (no, flip flops in 30 degree weather). So far this has worked…for the most part.

But what do you do when your daughter picks every battle?

She fights me or pushes back on almost everything I say lately. It is so unbelievably frustrating. The only saving grace is that when she acts out Little Man couldn’t be sweeter. So at least I don’t have two fighting with me!

A recent conversation went something like this:

Me: Put your shoes on we have to go to school.
Cricket: No. I don’t wear shoes and I don’t go to school.
Me: Yes, you do. Now lets go. Shoes on.
Cricket: I don’t want to go to school or wear shoes!
Me: Do you want to be in trouble?
Cricket: Yes. I’m in trouble. But you love me even when I am bad.

I mean really, she throws love in my face! I do love her, but man, I want to kill her. Of course I tell her that I love her even when she is bad, but I also tell her that I don’t like her behavior. Boy is it frustrating!

Often after she is in trouble, she melts into a puddle on the floor. She is so darn cute and frankly I want to cry right along with her. I remember (sort of) going through this with my oldest. He was always a good listener though and always hated being in trouble. Although, now that I think about it, I do remember this time when my in-laws were visiting that I had to carry him from the park and wrestle him into the carseat (EMBARRASSING!).

Today at the pool getting ready for swim lessons, Cricket refused to get undressed. She put up a fight about her bathing suit. She fought me to go to the bathroom. She wanted to swim in her shoes. I finally, threw up my arms and said something like: “Why do you fight me on everything? I just want to cry.” She melted into my arms and said, “I love you even when you are whining and crying. But, don’t cry mommy.” Oh boy.

We have all been there. We have all survived. I guess I will too…not sure if Cricket will though (kidding, of course!).

What do you do when your toddler gets the best of you?


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