Mother Day


My gift


Great note about the Larabars! They are a kids favorite and I am excited to try out your recipes…so yummy!

My kids were so excited to see me this morning. My Cricket kept saying it was “Mother Day” and “I love Mother Day” (no ‘s’). Don’t you just love when they mispronounce or misuse words. It is so endearing. I know one day she will just stop and I’ll probably cry…when I notice.

Anyway, they were very excited to give me their gifts. I scored some painted pottery! My husband smartly steered my son away from the cake piggy bank and toward a jewelry box (painted yellow, Little Man’s favorite color). Cricket gave me a flower pot, purple. And together they made me a plate with their handprints on it. I had been telling my husband that it was a great gift idea for me…and he listened. Awesome job hubby, thank you!

So they gave me their gifts and the coffee they got me from Starbucks and moved on. I guess in their mind Mother Day was over. The whining, crying and arguing commenced. I sat down in my favorite chair with my coffee and a book listening to the madness around me. I settled in and ignored them while drank my coffee.

When it got so loud that they could no longer be ignored, we got ready for soccer. Little Man had a game. After soccer, a little laundry, naps and getting lunches ready for tomorrow…we headed out to a park for the afternoon. We had a rousing game of kickball with friends, several trips across the monkey bars and only one bloody nose/busted lip. Yep, Little Man flipped over a bar about four feet off the ground and landed flat on his face. Ouch.

Anyway, it was a typical Sunday, nothing special (aside from my awesome gifts!). But I loved it. I don’t get many breaks from kids and thought that I might get one on Mother Day; I didn’t. I thought I needed it, but I really was glad it didn’t work out. Several times today, I thought about how my kids are going to be teenagers one day and they won’t want to spend a day with their mom doing normal stuff…so I enjoyed today. I embraced it.

It was just another day. Mother Day. But it reminded me how fortunate I am. My husband and I often say “Lucky Us” to each other. Sometimes dripping with sarcasm; sometimes not. But it is true. We are lucky. Really lucky.


Hope you had a great Mother Day!


PS: I special shoutout and thank you to some of my favorite mothers….Beverly, Mina Lou, Mary Beth, Brenda, Donna, Barbara and Dara. Thank you for showing me how to be a great mom – you are my role models. Thank you for your support and encouragement on my motherhood adventure. I love you.


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