Birthday Boy


So it is official, my Baby turned one. I can’t believe it. He is moving, poised to walk. He is babbling, ready to talk. He is all smiles and laughs — truly a gift to me.

More than any other birthday, this one touched my heart. Little Man is turning six in a few weeks. Although I am baffled that he is almost six, I am excited for his birthday. I am excited about the next stage for him — his first summer off from school and then off to first grade!

Cricket turned three in the fall, but I didn’t even bat an eye. She is no longer a toddler and is becoming such a sweet little girl. She is learning to be more independent — dressing herself, writing her letters, brushing her teeth. It is so much fun to see all the big girl things she does now.

Somehow, even though I was ticking off the months, my Baby’s first birthday sort of snuck up on me emotionally. I guess because he will likely be my last. When the other two turned one, I thought that maybe I would have another…so although their birthdays were significant; maybe they didn’t feel quite as final. So for this birthday, I was a bit melancholy. I’m not sure that I want another baby. Four would mean I entered crazy town — I know plenty who do it with grace, but I’m not sure if it is for me. That being said, I truly can’t imagine not being pregnant again; not bringing a new baby home from the hospital; or not having a newborn snuggle with me all day (and night). Don’t get me wrong I definitely see the upsides: sleeping through the night, big kid activities, more freedom for me, exciting events and milestones to come. Anyway, my Baby’s birthday really got me thinking. More on this in another post, I’m sure…

I did want to get to the fun part — his First Birthday Bash! It was a small celebration, but I had so much fun planning this one. His theme was the Very Hungry Caterpillar. Lots of pictures so get ready!

The best part of this theme was that all the food was already picked by the caterpillar. We ate apples, pears, plums, oranges, sausage (pigs in a blanket), swiss cheese (and crackers), salami, cherry pie (I used Cherry Pie Lara Bars), pickles, ice cream cones (I made cupcakes in ice cream cones for less mess), lollypops (these were part of their treats to go), and chocolate cake and cupcakes made up his birthday cake.

His cake was a cupcake Caterpillar made of chocolate and yellow cake. I used two shades of green to frost the cupcakes. One lighter shade on 6 cupcakes and then a darker shade on 6 others. The rest I mixed the two together to give the caterpillar some definition.


Caterpillar Cake


For the party favors, I found some butterfly nets in bold colors. I attached a small treat — chocolate covered pretzel stick.


Very Hungry Caterpillar Favors

I also bought a large print Very Hungry Caterpillar book to have all the guests sign. Since there were so few guests, each person…even the kids, go their own page for a message or just to write their name.


Very Hungry Caterpillar Guest Book

The decorations were simple and easy. I made two caterpillars. One was out of tissue circles that I found at a party store and the other out of lanterns found at a discount store. We also had an activity for the bigger kids — they colored small butterfly photo frames found in the dollar bin at Target. They kids loved using all the markers.

And of course the birthday boy! Happy Birthday to the best baby ever!

Birthday Boy Caterpillar Outfit

Birthday Boy Caterpillar Outfit


Hope all is well with you!


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