Do You Have a Gun?


I totally relate to your post about kids making you feel old. Just recently, Little Man explained to his friend that his mommy was OLDER than his daddy. She is really old. Thanks a lot kid.

Today I have a play date schedule for my kids after school. It is a play date with a new friend and the mom and I were texting to confirm. After we confirmed that we would play at my house she texted me: “Do you have a gun in your home? If so, how is it secured?”

I was shocked.

I wasn’t upset or offended, just shocked. I had never thought to ask this before. I had never thought to be concerned about this. I don’t happen to have guns in my home, unless you are talking about water blasters, of which I have many (too many)!


Water Blasters

I am not a gun owner, perhaps that is why this wasn’t on my radar. But should it be? Should this be something that I ask now? Maybe. With all the stories you read about drowning or secondary drowning, we also ask if they have a pool? Or will be playing with water?

I think many moms now think to ask about allergies, which is great. So many people are more aware. Do we now need to keep these other dangers in mind. Perhaps.

I am not saying yes or no. However, I am going to be thinking about it.

What do you think?



4 thoughts on “Do You Have a Gun?

  1. delana says:

    We have a pellet gun in our house for now. Until I buy my very coveted pistol. But when the pistol enters the home so will my gun safe that will be screwed to the wall next to my bed with a combination lock and key if the batteries are dead if I ever need to access it. But I can tell u it will be loaded and ready to fire. My children will know it’s there. Take away curiosity and out goes the interest. I’ve heard about asking if guns are in the home and it is a legitimate question. Accidents happen. But if they are responsibly kept in the home I will not keep my kids from playing there

    • momupsidedown5 says:

      I’m not against fire arms, but I don’t think you need any kind of crazy assault rifle. I believe that as long as you have the training and handle them properly and safely, you can own guns. Very glad to hear you have a safety in mind and plan on educating your children.

  2. Emily says:

    Hey Sister,
    Yes I’ve had those questions asked before play dates and we do have firearms. I think it’s none of their business honestly but his/her child will be in my home so I understand, somewhat. Some dont allow their boys to play with my son at our home. Explaining that situation is hard but I support owning a gun and at the same time being a responsible parent. I also allow my sons to play with pretend guns or nerf guns. I tried to not allow it but I promise they made guns from Legos, bread, fingers etc to play war or survivor games. I have rules about play and my boys don’t watch any tv or movies above a pg. when the time comes, we will have a talk about firearms in the world and our home but for now everything is locked away.

    • momupsidedown5 says:


      Thanks for your prospective as a gun owner. I think there is a way to be a responsible gun owner and a responsible parent. I’m sure you will be teaching your children how to handle a gun when the time is right. I have no business owning a gun, as I do not have the slightest idea how to properly care or handle it. Maybe one day I will learn.


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