Get Moving…Follow up


Great job on your organization. I am also a freak when it come to tidiness and often find myself doing most of the pick up. Maybe I will borrow a page from your book and clean it out rather than clean it up!

So, a big update since my post in March, Get Moving. The Spartan Race was this past weekend…and I finished! I actually did very well. I even felt great after the race! The course was a bit tougher than I realized when I signed up. Instead of 3 miles it was actually 4.5 miles. I had anticipated some flat running spaces and there was a bit of flat land to be found. We ended up running up and down the side of the mountain over 8 times. It was on an old ski slope just to give you an idea of how steep it was!

The obstacles were challenging but also fun! I attempted all but one and completed all but three! The one I didn’t try was the 25 foot rope climb. I tried on the practice ropes and couldn’t get myself 4 feet off the ground — so I did my 30 burpees! I had to do 120 burpees throughout the race — not too shabby! Good thing I practiced those! Here are several pictures of me during the race:


In other news, we are nearing the half way point in the year. I can’t believe how quickly 2014 is flying by! Since we are at the half way mark, I wanted to update you on my goals for this year. If you recall from my post Resolutions, I plan on reading 52 books this year (one a week) and running 500 miles (10 a week).

I’m happy to report that I am ON TRACK! Yep, I have read 25 books so far and run 248 miles. So by the end of June, the official halfway point, I should be over halfway on each of my goals. Yippee!!!

Thanks for being my support!

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