A Summer of Fun


Have you continued with your pioneer ways? It all sounded delish. I wish I lived closer so that we could share in some of these fun adventures together!

Summer is my favorite time of year. Growing up in Alabama, I learned to love the heat, the sun and the afternoon thunderstorms. I get excited for this time of year, each year, just like I did as a kid. Up until this fall, I was a working mom. Summer wasn’t that different from any other time of year. Same for my kids. They went to school all year — and by school, I mean daycare. So, this was my first summer as a SAHM.

I was excited, but scared. Very scared.

I remember as a kid, we spent a lot of time outside in the summer. We played in the backyard. Made up games and adventures. Although, I remember having tons of fun, I’m sure my mom would say, we spend our fair share of time, saying how bored we were. I was not looking forward to those words. Or Little Man’s variation: what can I do?

I started thinking of how I was going to ‘attack’ this summer to make it fun for me and for the kids. Little Man, Cricket and I brainstormed some fun summer activities to keep us busy. We compiled the list and made a poster for us to keep track of what we have completed. You can get an idea from the picture.


Fun Summer Activities

So far, it has been a hit! Little Man asks me almost every day about what activity we can do that is on our list. He loves it when we can check one off the list. The list has helped me too. I don’t have to come up with new things and they don’t all have to be exciting — I just refer to the list.

I also wanted to come up with a way to combat the “I’m Bored” syndrome. This could work for during the school year, but it has really helped me this summer with the extra time at home. I made a list of activities/games that we have at home. I also came up with a few things that would be very exciting to do — like go out for ice cream or go to the pool. Then, I thought of some chores the kids can do to help me out. I put each one of these on a stick and put them all in a cup: “I’m Bored Cup — Draw if you Dare!”

This has been a life saver! Instead of asking me “what can I do?,” Little Man now asks to draw a stick. I love it because he hasn’t even complained about the chores! He just does them.

The summer has been off to a great start and I am not looking forward to going back to school! I might be eating my words by the end of August, but so far so good!

How’s your summer going?



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