Mom Upside Down Reboot

Hi All!

Changes are coming to Mom Upside Down!

Over the past few months you may have noticed our little blog dwindling a bit.  There are many reasons– busy lives, new projects, writers block, children, children, and more children– but whatever the reason, writing MUD (not sure I like our name in acronym form…) has not been a priority.    So after many conversations and much planning, Courtney and I decided on some changes to make the blog more manageable, exciting and energized.  For you and for us!

From now on, instead of random and occasional letters back and forth, MUD (yep, definitely don’t like the acronym) will now publish on a three times weekly basis:

TuesdayCoffee Chatter

Grab a cup of joe and join us for quick and quirky tales of motherhood, sighs of exasperation,  and laughable moments.  These are the stories you’d tell your girlfriend while the kids play on the playground.  The little, indelible stuff that makes-up motherhood.

ThursdayUnfat and Healthy

Check-in as we battle the bulge, stay motivated, struggle, get fit, and share our favorite (kid tested) recipes.

SundaySunday Reflections

What better day to reflect than Sunday?  These posts will most resemble our current letters.  Stop by to see our thoughts as Moms Upside Down!

For now, since it’s Tuesday, let me get started with our first Coffee Chatter.

As parents, especially parents of young children, we say a LOT of sentences that would be utterly ridiculous in any other context.  For the past 24 hours I wrote down every sentence I spoke that seemed even a tad bizarre.  (Writing it all down also made me realize there’s an awful lot of naked happening at my house…but that’s another story!)

Can you relate to any of these?  What is the most outrageous thing you’ve had to say to your kids?  We’d LOVE to hear it in the comments section!

1.  No, you may not glue a bow on your brother’s head.  Nope, not even with just hairspray.

2.  Who bit a hunk out of the pumpkin?

3.  It is time to put on underwear.  You may not sit at the table naked.

4.  Why is GuyGuy naked?  And where is his diaper?

5.  What did I just step in?

6.  STOP drinking puddle water!

7.  Because the toilet is NEVER a good place to clean toy cars.  Or anything else.

8.  It is impolite to pull down your pants in the kitchen.

9.  The dog is not a horse.  The dog is not a trampoline.  The dog is not a bed.  Good dog!

10.  Because “jutishmaklick” is not actually a word, and I don’t speak made-up “Spanish”, so if you’re not going to tell me what it means, then I can’t help you.



2 thoughts on “Mom Upside Down Reboot

  1. Anita K says:

    I distinctly remember “There is no screaming in the house.” Yes, it was me, at yelling that sentence at the top of my lungs. 🙂

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