Unfat & Healthy: Halloween Health


Monster Eyeball Pretzels

Candy Corn? Mini-Chocolates? Spooky Treats?


Just thinking about it makes me crave the sugar!  I don’t want to let the sugar win; I want to stay on my healthy track…but we all deserve a treat! Here are a few tips to help you get through Halloween and the coming holidays without added bulge!

Drink Water

Water helps your body flush out toxins and keeps you hydrated; but more importantly, water can help you feel full. I have water with every meal, even if I am drinking something else as well (um, wine?). We should all strive for at least eight glasses a day–more if you exercise. To help, I also drink a glass of water as soon as I get up in the morning to help me rehydrate after sleeping (In case you are like me and you forgot what this is: sleep is the few hours moms get to lie their heads down and close their eyes–sometimes).

Manage Your Hunger

Have Halloween parties to attend? Have a spooky-good time, but don’t stand by the chips and dip. Eat a little snack (packed full of protein) before going to help you keep your cravings in check. Don’t skip meals to save up your calories, because then you will likely overeat. Keeping your hunger in check, will help you keep your willpower.

Indulge, but Plan for it

Give yourself a treat to two, you deserve. But that doesn’t mean go crazy. If you don’t normally eat a lot of sweets, you will feel tired and sluggish the next day and won’t want to exercise sending you down a bad path. So instead, treat yourself, but plan for it. Exercise on the day you will treat yourself to burn off those extra calories. Choose a treat with a little protein if you can, it will save you from the sugar crash. Chocolate covered nuts or Snickers bars are good choices.

Focus on Fun

Halloween is only one night. The holiday season is coming and you don’t want this to be the end of your healthy routine for months. Take in the fun. Take your kids trick-or-treating (or walk 10 paces behind, depending on how old they are!). Hold a glass of water so you keep your hands busy.

Halloween and the coming holiday season are certainly fun, but you don’t have to go crazy to feel like you have gotten a treat! Stick with your unfat and healthy eating plans!

Here are some fun and spooky recipes that I have tried (delicious!):

Tangerine Pumpkins and Ghostly Bananas

Spooky Spider Snack

Spooky Cheese Shapes

And for your sweet tooth (serving size is 7 for about 200k): Monster Eyeball Pretzels (photo above!)




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