Sunday Confessions



“I ate my kids candy”

I have a confession: I ate ALL of my kids Halloween candy.

I’m slightly embarrassed.

I had talked a good game leading up to Halloween. I even gave out all the candy we bought. I also got the kids to purge a good portion of their candy to create this really yummy ‘candy pie‘ that we brought over for a potluck dinner.

But there was still candy in the house. And I ate it….ALL.

Cricket and Little Man had made an inventory of their candy. They had taken it out several times over Halloween weekend to review and catalog their loot. They sorted chocolate and non-chocolate; they sorted by color; they sorted by size.  They fretted over each piece, evaluating its worth, careful to select the best pieces to eat.

After the weekend, we put it away (or at least out of their sight). The problem was that I kept it in the house and that I found a place to store it that I walked by several times a day. It was behind a glass cabinet, so not only did I walk by it all day, but I saw it and I ate it.

Did you see those Jimmy Kimmel videos?

Well, this is going to be my kids once they figure out what I did.  I’m in trouble…big trouble!

I could just go out and buy more; but, I don’t need more and they don’t either. So the question is…do I tell them the truth? Do I confess?

Or maybe I just let it be. Don’t say anything. See if they ask. hmmm

And if they do ask, do I confess then?

Or do I just tell them it went bad? Or somehow make them think they ate it all in the sleep? Or a crazy dinosaur ate it? Halloween fairy took it back?

For now I’m going to sleep with a belly full of chocolate. I’ll wake up and run about 40 miles to make up for it…well, maybe.

What would you do? Would you tell the truth, confess? Would you make up a story?

I”m interested to hear!



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One thought on “Sunday Confessions

  1. Staci says:

    You are not alone….I ate most of my kids candy too :(. I opted to not mention it, but if/when they ask, I am going to tell them. It’s been several days and they have not noticed.

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