Clothing and the Five Year Old Girl (And Probably Some Boys Too!)

but outfits

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Anyone else go through this?  Like every single day?



Please get dressed.

I know your clothes are a form of self expression, and you take great care to get them just right, but the we need to go to the dry cleaners, and they close in 10 minutes.  So please, get dressed.

I get it, really I do.  The perfect outfit cannot be rushed.  It takes time to get the stripes, plaid, flowers, and animal print to coordinate just so.  And then there are the accessories.  Yes, I agree, you can never have too many necklaces.  But we need to go, so please, please, just put on some clothes!

Okay, this is probably my fault.  When I said get dressed, I should have also mentioned it is 30 degrees out, so a sundress from 2 summers ago is not a good choice.  And I thought that dress was packed away in the attic!  Where did you even find it?  Never mind, it doesn’t matter, we just need to get something on you.  Here, let me come help.

Why are you screaming?  Just put on these pants.  You do so like them; you wear them all the time.  No, that sundress is too short, it barely covers your bottom, and it doesn’t have sleeves.  You’ll be cold.

Yes you, will.

Yes!  You will!

Fine, wear the dress over the pants.  Just hurry up.  We’re leaving in 2 minutes.

Are you ready?  Because I’m walking out the door!

Bug?  Bug?!?

What are you doing?  Where are the pants?  Where is the sundress?  Why are you naked again???

Yes, I know it is too cold for a sundress–remember, I’m the one who told you– but I thought you were going to wear the pants…  Forget it!  Let’s just get something on!   Hurry.  Here, how about this?

I don’t care if you don’t like it.  JUST. GET. DRESSED.

No, we don’t have time for you to do your own hair.  We’re leaving.  Now.  You used all your hair time on getting dressed.  Come on, put on your shoes.

STOP clipping bows in your hair at random angles and PUT ON YOUR SHOES.  I don’t care what shoes.  Any shoe.  We’re walking to the dry cleaners.

Your feet only fit in those shoes if you have stockings on?  Then pick different shoes.  Wear your sneakers.  They do so go with your outfit!  Where are you going?  Come back here!  We don’t have time for you to put stockings on under your jeans.


How do you already have your pants off?  Okay, get the stockings on quick, ’cause we really need to leave!

You know what, never mind.  The cleaners close in 3 minutes.  We’ll never make it.

Yeah, you can play dress up.

No, you can’t use my makeup.

Hey, by the way, what happened to all those outfits you were trying on.  Well, take them out of the hamper and put them away!  Because they’re not dirty.  You can’t clean your mess by just shoving the clothes in the hamper.

Because they’re not dirty!

Sigh!  I’m headed to the kitchen.  Because it’s 5 o’clock somewhere!


bug outfit




6 thoughts on “Clothing and the Five Year Old Girl (And Probably Some Boys Too!)

  1. val says:

    Naively I will throw myself on the stake and say I’m looking forward to my daughter picking her own outfits. She’s 2, so it’s around the corner and I’m sure I will regret saying this, but you know how things can be fun in theory but not in practice.

  2. Anita K says:

    Your Bug is so cute. I enjoyed your post…it made me laugh, but it also made me realize you have so much more patience than I did when my kids were that little. After about the 2nd “we’re leaving” I would have wrapped my little princess in a blanket, and taken her to the car. (But then I noticed you were walking….)

    Have you ever heard of a “What Fits Fashion Show”? I learned about it from some mentoring mom years ago. Your daughter gets to try on everything in one afternoon, making all the cute outfits she can. After each outfit, you both decide “what fits you (daughter), and what fits another little girl” at which time the donation bag gets pretty filled up. Also, she gets to have a lot of say in this process [when “what fits” is the main task, not when you are trying to run out the door! LOL] We do this just before birthdays and Christmas. My princess, now in college, still does this! 🙂

    • momupsidedown5 says:

      Oh, don’t be deceived, I’ve done my share of just wrapping her in a towel and dragging her to the car! She caught me on a good day 🙂

      But I LOVE the What Fits Fashion Show! I can’t wait to try it! I may just clear some space on the calendar to make it happen this weekend! Thanks for the idea! ~Natalie

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