It Doesn’t Matter What I Cook, My Kid Still Eats Dog Food

dog foodI really wish this photo was staged!

“Mmmm! Yum!”

Guy’s voice startles me, and I the smudge the mascara into my eye as I turn to find him.  He’s perched on the stool behind me;  he must have slipped in while I was washing my face.  He looks like true mini-man, he sits leaned forward, his knees apart, elbows resting on them.   His hand is cupped around a fistful of snack which, at intervals, he casually pops into his mouth.

I wipe the mascara from my eye, and as the world comes back to focus, I see his snack is really a palm-full of dog food.  I’m impassive.  I study him a moment and he studies me back; he grins big and holds a kibble out to share.  At this, I smile, “Is it good?” I ask.  He nods vigorously, and since I have not moved to accept his offer, he retracts his hand and tosses the morsel into his own mouth.  “Yum,” he repeats.

It IS lamb and rice.

“Come on,” I urge, “Let’s put it back in the dog’s bowl.”  He looks disappointed as I lead him down the hall.  By the time we reach the kitchen his cheeks are crowded with the remaining pieces, and he’s working hard to get the mouthful chewed.

I’m a decent cook with a well stocked kitchen.  Guy loves my smoothies and “lara” bars; he gobbles up my pumpkin breads and muffinshe demolishes a fruit bowl or crudité, yet his favorite bite is dog food!

We try to keep it out of his reach.  We try to keep it unavailable, but still, more days than not, he finds a piece or two to nibble.  I tell myself it’s okay because dog food is healthier than, say, potato chips or hot dogs or goldfish.  Right?

Here’s to believing there are far worse things he could eat!

I wonder if dog chow fits within the “everything in moderation” mantra?

Talk to us!  What’s the weirdest thing your kid likes to eat?



4 thoughts on “It Doesn’t Matter What I Cook, My Kid Still Eats Dog Food

  1. Mary Ann says:

    I am laughing so hard–I almost can’t see to write this! Your descriptions paint such a vivid picture that I feel I’m there. Hysterical! What can you say or do? He’s very resourceful. You didn’t panic. It will all come out in the end!!

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