The Support of Family


Grandma, Cricket and Courtney

I don’t live near family.

Most people I know have family nearby. They help out with after school pick-ups, the occasional babysitting, trips to the doctor, or sick days. Their families are around for birthday parties, Sunday dinners, and special occasions.

Although I recognize that family can come with its own set of challenges, I can’t help to be a little jealous sometimes.

There have been times when I am too sick to get off the couch, but I’m home with the kids.

There have been times when all three are sick and I’m the only one to stroke their heads, do their dirty laundry and clean up their puke. Yes, the glamor of motherhood!

There have been times when I am dragging a baby on a field trip, waking the baby for pick up, or my toddler is running around a classroom during a school party.

I cherish the days and weeks family visit. Not only is it special time for my kids to spend with their grandparents; but, it is a break for me! I don’t have to wake the baby for pick up. I can schedule time to read in my son’s classroom (without the distraction of a toddler!). I can run out for coffee during nap time. Maybe even a date night or a weekend away!

I take full advantage. I hope they know how much I appreciate their visits. I love to see them. I love to see them spend time with the kids and get to know them, but I also love the extra ‘me’ time. The little extra luxuries of having help around. Even a trip alone to the grocery or Target!

This week, my in-laws are visiting. We celebrated Cricket’s birthday (they helped with the party!); we had lunch out TWO times; I got to grab coffee by myself; my husband and I had a date at Target (yea, I know not that exciting…but we talked for an hour uninterrupted!); and we are reading at both Little Man’s and Cricket’s schools.

I am so grateful to my in-laws, my mother and Bruce. Their visits or our vacations to their homes are wonderful retreats from our everyday life. I am so thankful for their year-round support and advice (some of the best in the business!).

They love our kids, shower them with attention and spoil them rotten (as grandparents do). They spend countless hours reading books, playing games, changing dress-up clothes and building Legos. They deserve hazard pay for the poopy diapers they change, messy dinners they clean up and baths they give while we are out.

We are grateful to you more than you know!

For those who have helpful (even semi-helpful) family close by, give them an extra squeeze, thank them again, and be grateful for the blessings they may give year round (even if they can be a pain).


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3 thoughts on “The Support of Family

  1. val says:

    When I was around 10 and my brother was 4, we lived in the Florida Keys. We moved far from our family so my dad could take a job. We were so fortunate to have some wonderful neighbors (Alice and Andy) that retired away from their children and became our surrogate grandparents. We spent countless afternoons with them, even when a parent was home. They loved us like their own grandchildren. Andy taught my brother how to fish, and Alice did lots of crafts and cooking with me. The point of this recollection is, I wish that for you. It was great for us and helpful to our parents.

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