A Complete Sentence



Legos Kill Your Feet

Ever have trouble thinking? Today, I can’t even string a sentence together.

Hold on.

OK, I just wiped a snotty nose. Fetched blueberries and cheese for a whinny girl. I currently have a 18 month old sitting here typing (so I have to retype every other word). My six year old is reading out loud (his homework). My four year old finished her blueberries and is running around like mad.

It is close to dinner time, and I should get up to make something.

But I don’t, I want to write. I want to finish my post. Heck, I want to get one sentenced typed without interruption.

Hold please.

Another snotty wipe. Dirty diaper changed. Picked up blueberries off the floor. Homework checked…15 minutes later, I’m back here. No, wait….

Yep, someone was crying. Apparently there was an altercation over a prized toy…you know the one toy no one has played with in months that is somehow today’s favorite! Timeout monitored. Snotty nose wiped (again).

Arg! I just want to write a complete sentence. I want to finish my thoughts without an interruption!

Nope, not happening…

Hiney wiped. Nose cleaned. Swept oatmeal off the floor (Peanut opened the can and poured it on the kitchen floor). Legos are everywhere! I stepped on one…do you know how painful that is? If you have a 6-year-old lego fanatic you do!

More arguing about who knows what. Timeouts. Emptied dishwasher. Back here.

Nope. Can’t finish. Water is boiling, I finally started dinner…

Peace out.



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2 thoughts on “A Complete Sentence

  1. heidifowler says:

    I remember those days. It gets better. I promise. I won’t tell you that someday you’ll wish you’ll have those days back. (Frankly, I don’t think that’s true!) Those days are hard, and it’s awesome when the kids get old enough that you can get things done! Hang in there. You’re spending time with the kids, and that’s most important!

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