The Challenge of Challenges


Any of you Upside Down mamas take our January healthy living challenge?  We’re exactly half-way through!  

Here’s how we’re doing:

Courtney is ROCKING her miles!  Her goal is to run 60 this month, and as of today she has 31 under her belt– more than half way to success!  Natalie is also feeling success as she chows veggies at every meal this month, and while sometimes that means carrots and hummus for breakfast, she is all set to meet and exceed the challenge!

However it isn’t all roses and rainbows, and both moms are feeling the challenge of the challenges!

Courtney is struggling to eat her veggies, and could use some ideas and encouragement to get them eaten every day! And Natalie’s running sluggish as she’s completed just 17 miles toward her initial goal of 50.

But we’re doing our best to not be discouraged.  The point of the challenges is to keep us focused on healthy habits, so even if we don’t quite reach the ring, we’re not going to stop trying!

So, how’s it going for you?

We’d love to hear about it, maybe even see some pictures.  Tell us how you’re getting in your runs/walks or your favorite way to eat your veggies. We’d love it if you shared your challenges and successes!   Your stories matter to us, inspire us, and encouraged us!  Who knows, maybe you have a great breakthrough or recipe we can highlight in a future post!  Feel free to talk to us in the comments section below or on our FB page!

Natalie and Courtney 

2 thoughts on “The Challenge of Challenges

  1. andthreetogo says:

    Hooray for you ladies!
    The only suggestion I have for veggies is to include them in a yummy fruit shake, i have spinach and carrots with shakes two times a day. 🙂 keep up the good work!

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