Unfat and Healthy: See Your Doctor. Don’t Wait.


Ronda author of Merry Christmas Cancer

Recently, I found out my friend, my former colleague, my sorority sister, has cancer.

In early December she discovered a lump in her breast and a biopsy revealed it was stage 2 breast cancer. As you can imagine, it was a devastating news.

She is young and vibrant. She is funny, side-splitting funny. She is a mother of four and a loving wife. She is also a public servant representing District 3 on the Montgomery County Commission in Montgomery, Alabama. She is a busy lady.

She could just focus on herself and her own battle. She will do this; but, she also wants to save as many as she can from her heartbreaking diagnosis. In order to spread word on preventative healthcare, she has decided to share her story.

She shares her fears, her strength, her ups and her downs. Bravely she even shares stories (and pictures) of hair loss — the most visible sign of her diagnosis. She talks with you like you are her best friend, telling you how her kids are reacting, what it is like at every chemo treatment and even all the support she is getting from friends, family and even strangers. You can follow her journey on her blog, Merry Christmas Cancer.

Ronda is strong, but she is human. She has fears. She cries. However, she has reacted bravely in the face of a diagnosis that would have devastated most. She is turning this bad, horrible thing into a voice of good, with positive intentions and she has high expectations:

“An expectation that I will learn more and grow more from this one experience than all of my other life experiences combined.  An expectation that by January 2016 I will know how to love more deeply and more compassionately than I ever dreamt possible.  I will no longer sweat the small stuff.  I will appreciate people. I will stop beating myself up for my perceived failures, instead I will celebrate the everyday joys of life.”

So take her advice. See your doctor. Don’t wait. There won’t be a better time.

Have your regular check-ups. Visit your GYN, GP, Dermatologist, Dentist and Optometrist at least once a year. Find something strange? Get it checked out. Don’t wait. Give yourself every opportunity to be here for tomorrow.

Stay Healthy!


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