Unfat and Healthy: February Status Check

February’s challenge is try for 100 consecutive push-ups and to focus on setting a bedtime for yourself! For the push-up challenge


Natalie works on her push-up powers!

we are following the plan on this site: One Hundred Pushups.

How are you doing?

Courtney — Wow, 100 push-ups is more than I thought! I started my challenge at 30 consecutive push-ups; so, I started on week four (follow our plan here: One Hundred Pushups. I was able to complete week 4; but, it was hard! I am in the process of week 5 and totally dying. I think I have improved my strength though because I am resting less time between each set. I take the ‘starting test’ again next week; so we will see!

I’m am rocking the bedtime challenge. I am a woman who likes her sleep; so requiring me to set my bedtime has only helped me to get the sleep that I really want! I love this challenge! 🙂


Sooooooo… The push-up  challenge is only sorta happening for me.  I took the push-up test at the start of the month (50 consecutive push-ups, but only 10 on my toes), and then we got the flu.  I’ll spare you the details, but it’s two weeks later and I’m only now feeling 100%.  Anyhow, I only really started the challenge on Tuesday; I’m two days in, and my arms are limp noodles!  In my head I’ve modified the challenge a bit: I  start each rep on my toes, do as many as I can, and then finish on my knees.   Each day I’m tracking how many total I can do on my toes!

I’ve done a lot better with the bedtime challenge– what influenza stole from push-ups , she gave me in desire to sleep!   Being sick put me in a good pattern of early bedtime, and I’m sticking to it!  I’m consistently in bed between 9-9:30, lights out no later than 10.  Boy, does adequate sleep make a big difference!


When you meet the challenge we’d love for you to post your success on our FB page (click anywhere on this sentence to find it!)– we want to see pictures of your progress and hear your stories!  That way we can all inspire each other to keep on, keepin’ on!

We look forward to hearing how you are doing…

Courtney & Natalie

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