March Challenge


Burpee Challenge

So how’d you do with the February Challenge?

I love sleep.  And I love the sleep challenge.  It was especially helpful this month because my 2 year old decided he no longer wants to sleep through the night, and we had some ROUGH weeks.  I’ve been “newborn” tired all month, but the commitment to an early bedtime really helped me weather the storm!

100 push-ups is a crap-ton of push-ups.  It seems like a reasonable goal.  But it is a crap-ton!  I can get to 100 if I do them in groups of ten with a quick rest between.  I start each 10 on my toes and drop to my knees when the goin’ gets too tough.  At the end of my final test, I did about 32 on my toes and the rest on my knees.  Which I know doesn’t EXACTLY fit the challenge, but I figure I definitely improved my strength– which was REALLY the whole point anyway, right?

I am a rock star sleeper and I love my routine! I have been going to bed around nine with lights out between 9:30 and 10. I have been able to add a few more minutes of reading time as well which I love!

So the push-ups. I am not near 100~but not too far! I started at 30 full push-ups (no knees down). I can now do 50!!! Then if I start modifying I can keep going and get to 80 consecutive push-ups! Yea me!!!


Speaking of next month, we wanted to get you prepared for our March Challenge!


March Fitness Challenge:   1400 Burpees!

This month we are challenging ourselves to complete 1400 Burpees in 30 days!

You can find the challenge here:

The challenge will start on March 1 and we will alternate between burpees and planks getting us to a total of 1400 burpees!

When you meet the challenge we’d love for you to post your success on our FB page (click anywhere on this sentence to find it!)– we want to see pictures of your progress and hear your stories!  That way we can all inspire each other to keep on, keepin’ on!


March Well-Being Challenge:   Reduce Sugar! 

Do you have a sugar addiction? I know I do and I need a break. I need to snap myself out of my addiction. So here we go:

Courtney – I am going to challenge myself to cut out the dessert all together as well as any added sugar. So I will still have natural sugar/sweeteners (think fruit, honey, etc.) and have Splenda in my coffee (I can’t cut out everything!). However, I am going to take a month off from sweets, desserts, chocolate, candy, etc. and even things like instant oatmeal, cereal and yogurt where there is ‘hidden’ sugar. This will probably be my toughest challenge of the year!

Natalie –  Ooooo, I like this one!  No sugar, added or otherwise, for me either.  Because, come on, if we’re gonna challenge ourselves, let’s make it challenging!


We look forward to hearing how you are doing with your challenges!

Courtney & Natalie

Checkout our past challenges.

3 thoughts on “March Challenge

  1. andthreetogo says:

    Oh my goodness… you guys are awesome! And crazy! I can barely do 5 burpees… I swear that they are from the devil lol. No, but seriously… I will be way way way impressed and probably talk about you guys to everyone I meet if you accomplish this. 🙂

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