April Challenge


Awesome April Arms

This is no April Fools —

We did it! 1400 Burpees!

How’d you do with the March Challenge?

Here’s how we did in March:



To be honest, I did not do so well on the sugar challenge. There always seemed to be a party or an event to go to with sweets! Like I mentioned at the start, sweets aren’t really my thing…but not being able to have them really cramped my style. At least now, I can break out the Girl Scout cookies! I did much better with the burpee challenge…was able to mix them into my regular workouts and knocked out 1400 this month!

I loved these two challenges. I thought I was going to hate the sugar challenge — I have a HUGE sweet tooth and I used to eat chocolate every day. However, it wasn’t that bad and I ended up cutting out all sugar and sweeteners — except fruit and honey. The burpee challenge was easy to incorporate into my workout and I upped the challenge by trying to complete all the burpees in a row. Yesterday I did 100 burpees without stopping!

Here is our April Challenge for those who want to join in!


April Fitness Challenge:   Awesome April Arms!

Spring is here and we want our arms to be in the best shape before Summer arrives! Therefore, this month we are completing the Awesome April Arms challenge featured on crazyloucreations.blogspot.com.

You can find the challenge here:  Awesome April Arms

The challenge will start on April 1. We will complete the challenge at least two times a week — it includes bicep curls, dips, rows and lat raises. The website shows you pictures of each exercises for your reference.

April Well-Being Challenge:   Kids in the Kitchen! 

We want to get the kids involved with the menu planning. We are hoping this makes them more interest in dinner prep and eating the dinner we cook. Our goal is have them help pick out one or two meals a week for the family.

When you meet the challenge we’d love for you to post your success on our FB page (click anywhere on this sentence to find it!)– we want to see pictures of your progress and hear your stories!  That way we can all inspire each other to keep on, keepin’ on!


We look forward to hearing how you are doing with your challenges!


Checkout our past challenges.

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