Read on the Run


Reading on the Run

Many mamas ask me  how I can read so many books in one year — I read about a book a week. I know it sounds like I am bragging, but I’m not. Ok, maybe a little. Last year I read 60 books– more than one book a week. OK, now I am bragging. Anyway, check out Book Worm, if you are interested in some of my suggestions!

I really like to read. Reading is an escape. It is my time at home or while I’m ‘watching’ some kid activity. Come on, you don’t seriously watch the whole time, do you? Admit it, you check your phone, return emails and follow-up with Facebook. Well, I’m reading.

I’ll let you in on my secret: I read while I run on the treadmill.

On the treadmill, I can get in a good solid hour of running and reading. I know, I take my life in my own hands. And, most of the time I enjoy a great run while reading a good book. Let me tell you though, a bad book equals a crap run. Anyway, 9.9 times out of 10…it is great. I stay focused and the miles fly by.

Not so much today.

I have been sick, so not only did I have my reader, water bottle, towel and phone on the treadmill. I had a pile of tissues up there too. Maybe that was too much?

So, I’m running and I am a few miles in and I have been blowing my nose constantly. I reach down to grab a tissue (again) and I dropped it. I guess I had a mental lapse that I was on the treadmill and I stopped and reached down for the tissue — which had already been whisked away.

As you can probably imagine, the tread doesn’t stop just because you stop running. Did I mention that I am also too cocky and never wear that stupid safety clip? So I stopped, the treadmill didn’t and I was leaning down…..

I nearly fell off the whole thing. I hit my head on the handle bars and I looked like a spastic cat jumping — maybe not even that graceful. Wait, you haven’t seen that video? Well, here you go: Spastic Cat Jump! but somehow got my legs moving. The old man next to me almost had a heart attack.

I continued my run trying to look cool or at least like I wasn’t some type of spastic fool. I’m sure I pulled it off.


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