People Eat Meat?


“People Eat Meat?”

I love being outside and the weather is just staring to warm up, so I took the kids to the zoo.

Our local zoo is pretty small, but it is perfect for my kids ages. Every zoo visit includes a trip to the zoo playground. I am not even sure why they love the playground there so much. It isn’t that interesting.

Anyway, after the zoo we hit up the ‘farm’ area because Cricket wanted to see the horses. We walk in the barn and look at the chickens, horses, the giant pig and finally we get to the sheep. Little Man is now reading. So many things that used to go unnoticed are now very apparent.  He reads a sign for sheep out loud: “raised for wool and meat.” Here is the conversation that followed:

Little Man: Raised for wool and meat? Meat? What Meat?

Me: Meat, like you eat.

Little Man: What??? People eat them?

Me: Yes, people eat them, just like cows or chicken.

Little Man: People eat cows? I don’t eat cow!

Me: Yes, you do. You love hamburgers and they made from cows.

Little Man: What????? His mind is clearly blown.

Me: And chicken. Where do you think the chicken that you eat comes from?

Little Man: You mean we actually eat chickens?

His little head was spinning.

I was laughing so hard I almost peed myself.

We had chicken for dinner without a peep! 🙂


3 thoughts on “People Eat Meat?

  1. Melanie Bowers says:

    This video has gone viral, but it’s very relevant I think that it’s really important to engage this type of conversation, not just laugh it away. Of course kids don’t know that meat is actually an animal. We completely disconnect the two in the way that we eat, shop, talk about food etc. But, children have a natural capacity for compassion for animals that, like so many other things, can get squashed aside over time. Now- when they begin to ask these questions and recognize that they are eating their “friends”- is the time to teach them to respect and value the sacrifice that another living creature has made for our benefit.

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