May Challenge


Better Buns

How’d you do with the April Challenge?

Here’s how we did in April:


Arms, arms, arms.  I was pretty religious about doing the arm challenge this month!  But because I’m a rebel and can’t just do as I’m told, I modified the challenge to fit my life and time needs.  All the movements in the arm workout are static– but static weightlifting doesn’t burn calories like dynamic weightlifting, so I modified each exercise to a become full body movement.  For example, instead of just doing a standard standing curl, I did them with a lunge or as a squat thrust. This turned a weightlifting routine into a whole body workout!  Sweet!

I did not, however, do much meal planning with the kids.  Unless you count that one night Bugaboo begged for grilled cheese and I made it…

Sorry to say, I didn’t get behind the April Challenge to plan meals with the kids. I was so busy this month that I really couldn’t break out of my regular routine when it came to planning dinners. I want to try this again and be more proactive about the planning process with the kids.

On the flip side, I did a lot better with the arms routine. I didn’t get to each exercise as prescribed, but I focused on arms and followed most of the plan. Check out those guns! 🙂

Here is our May Challenge for those who want to join in!


May Fitness Challenge:   30 Day for Better Buns

Who doesn’t want Better Buns!  I do!   Especially before I start wearing a bathing suit! Check it out, 30-day Better Bun Challenge.

The plan includes Squats, Bridges and Lunges.  The website shows you pictures of each exercise for your reference.

May Well-Being Challenge:   Exercise with the Kids 

We want to get the kids moving and help teach them about life-long fitness. So this month we will get the kids doing some exercise. Not just playing soccer or tag (though those are amazing ways to get and keep kids active), but following along WITH US in a routine.

When you meet the challenge we’d love for you to post your success on our FB page (click anywhere on this sentence to find it!)– we want to see pictures of your progress and hear your stories!  That way we can all inspire each other to keep on, keepin’ on!


We look forward to hearing how you are doing with your challenges!


Checkout our past challenges.

2 thoughts on “May Challenge

  1. andthreetogo says:

    I love that you ladies do this and encourage each other and others to improve their health and their time with their kids. 🙂
    Also I just liked your Facebook page! I can’t believe that I hadn’t already! Weird. 🙂

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