Coffee Chatter: Body Parts

Kids + body parts = funny.

Or…not so much

I am a firm believer in answering a child’s questions truthfully and simply. I don’t make up words for body parts. I just say it like it is. Sometimes it leads to trouble, but most of the time, they don’t ask more than they are capable of understanding.

Last night,  I was breastfeeding Peanut while Cricket and Little Man were playing. Cricket comes over just as the little guy was finished and she caught a glimpse of  my nipple. She asked what it was.

So, I answered. That is my nipple. You have them too. Little Man pipes up with “me too, see!” as he lifts his shirt for his sister. Cricket checks them out and says “Mommy’s giant, red and pointy.” Gee thanks kid.

One night during bath time, Cricket is talking about body parts again. She is pointing out her belly. She notes that I tickle her ‘underarm pitties” — you’ll recognize the reference if you have the book Tickle Monster. Then she states firmly, “boys have penises and girls have ‘ginas.”

“Yes Cricket, girls have vaginas,” I respond.
“You have a ‘gina, mama?”
“But your ‘gina is different; it has fur.”

I think to myself: dear god, I know I am a little behind on my grooming, but am I a dog? Way to call me out Cricket!

“Yep, it is different. But doesn’t have fur–my vagina has  hair.” “Time to go get dressed!!!”

A few years ago, I gave Little Man quite the fright. He was just over 3 and had wandered into the bathroom with me while I was showering (Note to self…I need more privacy).

I stepped out of the shower and was drying off…he was looking at me and asking me something. I moved the towel and his face goes white and his eyes grow wide. He starts pointing at me with a shaky finger and screams, ” Mommy, your penis FELL OFF.”

Yep. He is a man alright.

What have your kids said about your body?




4 thoughts on “Coffee Chatter: Body Parts

  1. Fara says:

    Also getting out of the shower one day when my oldest comes in…”Mommy, you got hair on your bottom”. I’ve also heard, “You got hair on your shoulders (underarm)?” In quite a disbelieving tone. Lately, she’s been asking me to feed her from my nipple, and most often while I’m nursing the baby. She told my MIL just a couple days ago that she needed to feed her baby doll from her nipple. MIL was stunned!

  2. greenapples says:

    My daughter has always called breasts ‘biggie bellies’. Stomach is tummy, but breasts are biggie bellies and talking about it with her has changed her 6 year old mind yet. And I am in no rush to change the way she thinks about things yet because she has all the time in the world to grow up, and all the rest of her life after that to look at things as adults do!

    • momupsidedown5 says:

      I agree…she has plenty of time!

      My comment was just that I use the real words when I explain things, if they say otherwise…no problem.

      Keep up the good work, mama!

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