Unfat and Healthy: Battling the Toddler Diet

I have gained a few pounds lately. Weight loss and maintenance are such a struggle for me…a constant battle. A war-zone really.

AND, right now my toddler isn’t helping!

Have you ever tried to follow your kid around for five minutes? I mean really follow them, not just stand there behind them. But doing exactly what they do — squatting down to look at something and then jumping up; running around in a circle 4,000 times in 1 minute; climbing in, out, over, under your favorite piece of furniture filled with or next to your prized breakable item.

Just do it for 5 minutes and you’ll need a nap. They have so much energy it exhausts me.

So, how do they do that and still carry around that Buda belly or the remnants of those cute baby fat rolls on their thighs? You’d think they would all be shaped like sticks.

And then to add insult to injury–they can pretty much eat whatever they want in great amounts. What do they do? They start in with the picky eating. Sure, maybe you are blessed with a baby/toddler who eats anything, but really look at their plate. They eat bites and then move on leaving half-eaten chicken nuggets, leftover apple slices, a few grapes, a cheese stick with a bite out of it and some soy beans.

So here is how the toddler is effecting my diet and resulting in my larger than usual waistline: I can’t just throw it away.

I’m not so great with letting it all go to waste. Sure, I pack up some stuff for the next meal. But really are they going eat it then? Or is it worth it to put the 5 grapes and the 2 crackers away for the next meal. So….I just eat it. Basically this means, I’m eating my meals and Peanut’s.

Here is example from yesterday’s lunch–small portion of a PB&J, cheese stick and a couple chips:


Toddler Diet

I’m battling the toddler diet and I’m losing.

How do you handle the toddler diet? What are your tips and tricks to stop yourself from tasting or wasting? Should I really just be throwing it out? Or is there a way to force your toddler to finish? 🙂


10 thoughts on “Unfat and Healthy: Battling the Toddler Diet

  1. Melissa (Wading Through Motherhood) says:

    Yes, I end up eating some of the scraps too! In general, I find it hard to always have lots of food around because I want to make sure my kids have plenty to eat. I remember gaining weight when my daughter was in the 2-4 year range and I’m trying to fight it now that my son is in that age range.

  2. Taryn McPhedran Perry says:

    Oh gosh, this was a struggle of mine for YEARS! Finally, to me, it was worth it to toss the food, dump water on it, or cover it with a napkin, so I wasn’t tempted to eat it. It wasn’t easy at first, but over time, I just learned “it’s just not an option for me”. I hated the way I felt, the guilt that took over, so it wasn’t worth it anymore. Now, 3 kids later, preggo with my 4th, I’ve got it down…although not perfect, but their leftovers aren’t an option for me. Hang in there…make the decision to NOT eat it…I know, sounds easy, right?

  3. Donna says:

    I have fond memories of those years I went around after my daughter, eating up all the extras she left behind. I felt like I had the license to do it…you don’t want to waste food, and it is easier than storing those little bits of leftovers. Come to think of it, I still eat some of the things my 6 year old leaves behind now, I’m just a lot choosier about what I eat and I what I decide to put away. Plus, knowing your older child’s preferences and appetite helps to cut down on a lot of the food overage. 🙂

  4. loquaciousjolly says:

    My little guy is only 2 but I think we have a “decent” balance of giving him less than he wants and then he can ask for more OR stuff that CAN be packed away or just left out for him to run over to and munch on later. But it’s certainly not 100% and it’s easy to finish off what he isn’t done with.

  5. Amy says:

    I once ate a half eaten chicken nugget…that fell on the floor. As I was taking it to the trash, I popped it in my mouth instead. That’s when I knew the toddler diet had gotten the best of me!

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