It is MY choice, NOT yours


Baby #4

I know, I know you are probably wondering where we have been all summer. Well….we have both been pretty busy. We didn’t abandon ship though. We want to continue to share our stories with you!

We have a few updates for you!

I (Courtney) have big news. We bought a new house! OK, that isn’t the biggest news…but it has still been crazy dealing with buying and selling a new home. And moving…don’t even get me started on moving!

The BIGGEST news is that I’m having another baby! Yes, that will be baby #4 in Courtney’s Clan. Little Man, Cricket and Peanut are excited to welcome our newest addition in January.

If your first thought wasn’t “congrats,”  “great news,” or something along those lines….don’t share it with me, because frankly I don’t want to hear it.

Maybe you think I am being harsh. Maybe I am. However, you should hear some of the other responses I have gotten.

“Holy Cow! FOUR kids! You are really going to have FOUR kids.” — yes, four I can count too.

“Are you crazy” — well, it is a little late for crazy, but thanks for your concern.

“So glad it is you and not me.” — umm, thanks?

I mean really, think a little before you speak. Just say congrats or great news. And if your really don’t think either of those things, just smile.

Just remember that this is MY choice. Not Yours.

Oh, and do me a favor and don’t ask me if it was an accident. Don’t ask me if I am  happy about it. Don’t tell me how you could ‘never do it.’ or you don’t know HOW I could ever manage it.

It is no one’s business either way. But for the record we are really excited and it wasn’t an accident.

You can think all those things and be grateful of your own decisions, but don’t judge mine to my face.

Just be excited for me. I am. Just be happy for me. I am. Just support me. I would do the same for you.


7 thoughts on “It is MY choice, NOT yours

  1. Fara says:

    So sorry people have been less-than-considerate with your happy news. And, other than your family, whose business is it really about how many littles are in your heart. We are happy for y’all, and can’t wait to meet the new squish next time you’re visiting.

    And, so happy to see you blogging again. I really enjoy your perspectives!

  2. stannd says:

    I’m one of four, and it wasn’t a huge deal for my parents – or me, obviously. Back then, our Mom’s didn’t have to explain themselves to every random person they came across with a question or comment on the internet. Social media really has complicated everything, and it will continue to do so if we let it. 🙂

  3. Kelsey says:

    Preach! Well said and I am so happy for you and your family. You are a great mother of three and will be an ever greater mother of four!

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