Preschool Problems


Me NO school!!!!

With the new baby due to arrive in January, I wanted get Peanut in preschool a couple days a week for a few hours.

Peanut has only ever been at home with me; so I was really worried about school. He was so excited to go. He was so cute  with his miniature-sized pack-pack (backpack). He practically jumped out of the Swagger Wagon and raced over to the playground–dragging his big sister behind him.

This was pretty much the case for the first few weeks. I was so proud of him and it was so awesome to see him so excited .

I guess the novelty wore off, because now we have some Preschool Problems!

There was a switch. My cute, happy boy who was so excited to go to school was replaced by a screaming, temper-tantrum throwing two year old. He starts at least an hour before school with the ‘me no school’ and ‘me nooo school momma.’ This continues while I try a million different ways to Sunday to distract him. He cries getting into the car and a whole new set of distractions are needed. As soon as those doors open up the school there is full-on screaming and real tears. The teachers have to help pry him off of me. It is awful.

I don’t hang out either. I drop and practically run out of there (really more of a waddle these days). I’m so sad for him and for myself. We both hate the experience.

I call the school and he is fine after a few minutes. At least I know once he is settled in he enjoys himself. He is always happy at pick up. He does this completely adorable thing where he runs to me, hugs me, and then looks up and says “me cry today, mama.”

I swear that little s*&% does it on purpose. My sweet little boy knows how to twist the knife.

For a couple weeks we are going to go every day instead of just two days a week to see if that helps. Any other tips or tricks?

Thanks for your advice!



3 thoughts on “Preschool Problems

  1. Fara says:

    We are doing this same thing. Both girls started full time on Monday. Big sister has been in 2 day MDO for 14 months, baby sister has been at home or with grandparents. Basically, every drop off/pick up this week has been a disaster. I nearly had to drag big out of the house yesterday. When I picked them up the first day, she said, “you weft us at school, mama” in the most pitiful little voice. Broke my heart and I cried the whole way home.

    You and your little are not alone right now. They tell me it is about a week to adjust, some 2 weeks. ugh

  2. Tracey says:

    Hang in there momma, it is totally normal and thankfully just a phase. As a preschool teacher and mom, I’ve been on both sides of this situation. Continue being positive about school, talk with him about all the fun things he does at school and try your best to get through the morning. BTW, I am so happy and excited to hear of your growing family!! Loyally, Tracey

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