Are You Hip to Jive?

Recently, I was pursuing Facebook — as I am known to do during my late night feeding time. I came across the BEST post and conversation thread happening in on my local community Facebook page. I almost peed my pants and laughed a little too loud for Baby.

So basically a parent was crowd sourcing for the new kids lingo and a lot of people had fun sharing their thoughts. I picked out the best gems to share with you so that you can up your game. Some are real and some are throwbacks so beware and use at your own risk!

  • Bye Felicia – A dis to someone who isn’t worth your time. Try it out on your favorite teen, your kid will appreciate it!
  • So if a guy is gawking over a girl you say “thirsty much?” Or you see a hot guy, just follow him with your eyes and say ‘the thirst is real.’
  • You’re so lit. — Apparently, this no longer mean drunk and now means cool, awesome and/or great. Who knew?
  • On Fleek — fly and sleek…unfortunately is no longer ‘on fleek’
  • Remember ‘oh snap’ well now just say ‘roasted’ or ‘you totally roast’
  • Bae the baby. Yes, they are too lazy for two syllables. Insert huge eye roll here.
  • Woke is knowing what’s going on. What’s hip. What most parents aren’t.
  • Netflix and Chill. Well this one is tricky. It could just mean Netflix and Chill, but to most teens it means turn on Netflix and hook up, make out, have sex. Just tell your teen that you are going to Netflix and Chill tonight and watch their face. The disgust shouldn’t be hard to spot and it might even make this saying go away.
  • Salty. To be pissed or angry. ‘You so salty’
  • Yuge. a take on the word Huge. Only the Donald uses this…it is not a thing.
  • When someone says something you agree with, you say “facts.” Or “true facts.”
  • Sauced is what the cool kids say when we used to say juiced or pumped. I used sauced for something else…
  • Yo stop d-riding! Which I believe has replaced being “all up in someone’s grill.” And yes the d as in….

Anyway, this should get you started and make sure you are hip to jive. I sounded like an uncool idiot when I was saying these kind of things in high school, so now I think is my chance to shine. Watch out!






2 thoughts on “Are You Hip to Jive?

  1. Cinna says:

    In the time it took to read this list, the ‘in’ lingo has changed. That’s why I don’t follow trends much, especially those of the next generation.

    Oh snap, I’m so lit. Better get my roasty self out of here. Bye Felicia!

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