Homework Sucks


Homework Sucks

Many, many years after elementary school…homework still sucks.

Homework sucked in high school. It sucked in college. It sucked in graduate school. And it still sucks when I am doing it with my second grader.

He loves school. I love that he loves school. He participates in class and is one of the first to raise his hand. He gets excited about learning; he asks questions — really good ones. He does it work in class, never complains. Believe me, I’ve asked!

Once he gets home, all bets are off.

Ask him to read a book with you–no problem. Want to research something online — yes, of course! Want to play an educational game — sure! Let’s do your homework — no way.

We need to rename homework.

Something cooler, something more fun. I’m too sleep deprived to come up with it, so let me know when you think of an idea and I’ll adopt it.

There isn’t a lot of homework and it wouldn’t take him long, if he would just sit to do it. But he doesn’t.  There are complaints and more complaints. There is frustration (on both our parts). Sometimes, there are even tears (one or both of us)

I have tried having him run around first, play for awhile before starting. I have tried waiting until the morning to do homework.  I have tried getting most of the homework done on Monday so we don’t have to do it all week long.

I tend to not argue over the small things with my kids. They can pretty much wear what they want…it isn’t worth the fight. Skirts and rain boots…no problem. Clothes on backwards…who cares. I don’t argue over meals. If they don’t like what I serve they can have a yogurt.

But they have to do their homework!

I’m ready for summer. For warmer weather and no homework.

How do you face the challenge of homework? Please tell me I’m not alone.



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