About Courtney

I left my marketing/communications career at the end of 2013 just when I was headed back to work after having my third baby. My oldest son was starting Kindergarten, my second, a darling daughter, was starting a new school (and totally hating it) and the baby’s nanny quit after one week (oops, she was pregnant)! Can you say stressful? I couldn’t find another nanny that worked for my family, so I just walked into work and quit. It was the toughest decision of my life (so far).

I am married to my partner in crime a completely supportive man, Matt, and we live just across the river from New York City in a house that is quickly becoming too small for our growing family. We do not own a minivan; we drive a Swagger Wagon. We have four kids: Little Man, Cricket, Peanut and Bee.

Having ended up unexpectedly at home, my world was turned upside down as I was thrust into the new world of stay-at-home parenthood. Although my husband is committed to helping with the kids, he goes to work every day to communicate with adults and leaves me alone with these monsters children. I quickly realized I needed a friend and guidance – someone who is in the trenches.

That is when I remembered my friend Natalie, who lives on the other side of the country, and is going through the exact same thing. We can’t really talk (time zone troubles) and who can just hop on a plane for coffee? So, here we are writing letters, sharing stories, giving advice, spreading laughter and helping each other through this transition from career to complete mommy-hood!

Sollie Fall 2013-48Courtney’s Clan (pre-Bee)

About Natalie

I am married to a wonderful man.   J is my biggest ally, a committed partner and a hard worker. We live in Seattle with our two children: Bugaboo, a SPUNKY 4 year old, and Guy Guy, a busy almost 2 year old.

I unexpectedly left my job as a middle school teacher and staff developer when, while preggo with Guy, I found myself on bedrest, and then I found myself the mama of a late term preemie, struggling along in the NICU.  Still we thought I’d return to work, but plans changed for good when, a few months after his birth, Guy was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder called Chronic Neutropenia. Daycare was out of the question, and I really didn’t want a nanny, or anyone but me, handling the many doctors’ visits and sick days to come. It became clear there just one option, I would stay home.

In truth, for several years, I longed and prayed to stay home, but we never quite had enough courage to pull the trigger. We enjoyed the freedom of two incomes; I enjoyed my job. Guy’s illness changed the conversation. We had to remove our adult comfort from the decision.  I’m soooo happy to be home with my kids; in my heart of hearts, there is no where I’d rather be.  I feel blessed.

But like any transition, change is hard, and sometimes I’d really rather be at work, or I’d rather have the pay check, or I’d rather feel “important” to the world. Sometimes I just need the ear of a good friend, someone who gets it. I’m excited to have a pen pal who is just that!


If you have any questions, requests or simply want to say hello, please feel free to contact us at momupsidedown5@gmail.com.

We look forward to hearing from you!
Courtney & Natalie

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