To Pin or Not to Pin

Since we are relatively new to this stay-at-home mom business, we are always in need of new ideas/projects to fill the day. Here, we will share ideas for we have tried and let you know our successes (or failures)…perhaps you can share some of your very own ideas!


Painting in a Bag

I do not enjoy a mess and seems many activities require so much clean up that it isn’t worth it for me. But this is mess free fun! Just pour two colors of paint into a zip lock bag and ask the kids to mix. Find the instructions here.

photo (2)

Snow Inside!

What could be more fun than bringing the snow inside! Use your kitchen table and large bowls or go straight for the bath tub. No snow? Try shaving cream…a bit messier, but equal fun for the kids. My inspiration.

Snow Play photo 2 (3)


Cheerios on Spaghetti
Stick a ball of play dough on the kitchen table and then put dry spaghetti noodles in the ball. Give each kid a bowl of cheerios and have them stack the cheerios on the noodles. Try some timed races or counting exercises. Here is another example.

photo 2 (5) photo 1 (2)


Painting with Toilet Paper Rolls

A Valentine’s themed painting craft. Band toilet paper rolls to look like hearts and paint away.  You can also try sponges, toy cars, or even fruits/veggies cut in half. They had fun painting with something new. Here is the original posting.

photo 3 (1)

Paper Plate Spider Webs
Take a paper plate and cut out the center. Hole punch in the remaining ring. Use yarn to ‘weave’ a web across the empty center of the plate.

photo (1)



Paper Plate “Pie Day”
Color the center of 5-6 paper plates. Cut them into 1/2 pie, 1/3 pie, 1/4 pie, and 1/8 pie shapes and label. Use to talk about fractions on a basic level or if your kids are older you can give them simple math problems.

photo 2 (1)


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