Unfat and Healthy

We’re committed to making healthy living fun, easy and doable.  On this page you will find food and fitness challenges, stories of our personal struggles to get and stay healthy, ideas to involve the whole family in healthy living, discussion on the health issues our families face, and support for your Unfat and Healthy journey! For more information on these health topics and more, follow the links below!

1. Health/Fitness Challenge:

Each month of 2015, we challenge you to join us on a Unfat and Healthy journey. Learn more about our challenges.

January Progress Report
February Progress Report
March Progress Report

2. Being Unfat and Healthy: The stories that make our journey.

Baby Body, Baby Fat

Baby Body, Baby Fat Part Two: The Plan

Baby Body, Baby Fat: Perspective and Comparison

Rewards and Punishment

A No Breakdown Christmas

What Kids Teach Us about Confidence

Learning to Eat My Veggies

Weight Loss According to Men

Body Image

Get Moving

Get Moving…Follow-up

Walk on the Wild Side


Don’t Wait

3. Kids + Health:

Triumphs and Failures of Two Moms Trying to Feed Their Kids

Unfat and Healthy: Halloween Health

Unfat and Healthy: Battling the Toddler Diet

4. Recipes (Kid tested)

Unfat and Healthy recipes (kid tested)

A Day in the Life of a Pioneer

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